Our Company

In early 2017, Brad Kettering and Craig Nevin (having known each other since high school) realized a long-term goal of forming a construction and development company. They bring their clients the benefit of both Brad’s decades of extensive experience in the field (from building an eight-story parking structure for a multi-national developer, to building custom remodels, additions and custom ground-up multi-million-dollar homes) and Craig’s decades of practical and legal experience in real estate and construction and numerous roles in virtually all aspects of property development.

The company’s mission is clear: to bring value: “Our passion is bringing value and a great return on investment for our clients. We have one firm rule in business: Our clients’ interest always comes first.”

Brad Kettering, President


Brad is a third-generation contractor and started in construction when he was 17 years old. Brad’s grandfather was also a general contractor who specialized in commercial construction including concrete tilt-ups and was the inventor of the “Quick Joint” process. Brad credits his grandfather for teaching him the value of always being proactive and not reactive. Along these lines, he says he also learned to, “Take good care of your subcontractors and they will take good care of you and your clients.”

“I know how to get the most out of subcontractors – while at the same time earning their respect.” “I’ve heard some say that 90% of life is just showing up; We and our Subs don’t just show up: we and our subs strive to be the best we can be. This allows us to do virtually any type of project – and do it well!”

Brad’s father, who he at times worked for, was also a contractor who specialized in concrete construction including tilt-up warehouses, high rise office buildings and parking structures in both Southern California. They also had projects in Hawaii, where Brad ran crews for 5 years. Brad recognizes this experience gave him his unique ability to manage his projects with enthusiasm and to add value that exceeds expectations.


Brad’s core values resonate with responsibility: Of his years running work in Hawaii, he states: “I’ve worked in many different areas and with many different cultures. This has trained me to be a better listener, a better communicator and a great motivator for anyone I work with.” “Being the boss’s son in a construction company taught me to constantly focus on using best practices to achieve the best possible results for my clients.” “Sometimes, like when its 2:00 in the afternoon and 110 degrees, I go back to my roots of being the boss’s kid, hunker down and be a leader on the job.” “I pride myself on running a safe and clean job that is well documented; I strive for clear communication in all paper-work, change orders, lien releases and all aspects of the project.” “I have a lot of self-confidence because I know I’m very good at what I do. This leads to optimism, and both my passion in and my ease of communication.”


Craig Nevin, Vice President

Craig Nevin, the Vice President of All-Cal Construction, started working in construction when he was about 12 years old. His father was a developer and general contractor -- and his great grandfather was also a general contractor. Being the boss’s son in a construction company family taught Craig fundamental lessons, beyond an great work ethic: “To me, the number one rule in business is: the Clients’ interest always comes first. Everything follows from that.”

Craig has spent 30 years as an attorney specializing in business, real estate and construction litigation and transactions. During his far-reaching career, he has brought his on-site and practical experience from the disciplines construction and real estate development into his practice.

He is excited to realize his goal of merging his construction and his business experience in a general contracting company. “Rule number two for me is: create challenging, but realistic expectations – then do your best to exceed those expectations.”


“As a lawyer, I have seen the results of both best practices and bad practices; I know what serves the Clients’ interests -- and what doesn’t. By putting the Clients’ interests first, you are always on the right track. This is why I often work with Clients for years and years.”

“There’s no better feeling than, having overcome issues that arise, coordinated all the effort, companies and individuals that are involved, and completing a project on-time and within budget -- and taking pride in helping our Clients feel happy to have gone through what can be a complex and difficult process. Yes, we can make construction not only a valuable return on investment, but also, a pleasant experience.”

Originally, from Southern California and formerly Associate General Counsel for a major real estate developer with corporate offices in Irvine, Craig’s current and past memberships include both Northern and Southern California area Bar Associations, as well as the ABA [Business Litigation Section], the American Corporate Counsel Association and the National Association of Home Builders/Building Industry Association. His appointments include positions on the BIA’s Education Council, Certification for instructing for the State of California Department of Real Estate, and, he is a former Adjunct Professor of Real Estate Law at John F. Kennedy University School of Law. He is Immediate Past-President of Contra Costa Senior Legal Services, former President and Board of Directors of The Law Center a Two-time President of the Real Estate Section of the Contra Costa County Bar Association and currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Contra Costa Bar Association. He has been designated as and has testified at trial as an expert in real estate in both Civil and Criminal trials, and, from October 2001 to May 2009, was a Special Master to the Courts of San Francisco, Alameda and Contra Costa Counties.