Founders and Their Experience

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Brad’s Experience:

– Seismic retrofitting
– Many multi-million-dollar homes following the 1994 Northridge earthquake
– Seismic testing and retrofitting
– Commercial multi-story buildings
– Building an eight-story parking structure in downtown Glendale for a multi-national developer
– Building dozens of complex foundations for multi-million-dollar homes in Laguna Beach and the surrounding areas
– Obtaining permits for and installing cutting-edge and previously unpermitted clean-energy systems, where, like always, years of experience dealing with cities, counties, special districts and independent inspectors, made the process flow smoothly and efficiently.
– Building custom remodels, additions and custom ground-up multi-million-dollar homes.

All of this experience has led to Brad’s rare ability to take on many types of projects with many tasks and many different companies involved.

Craig’s Experience:

– Owner-Builder Ground-up construction and major remodeling of single family homes
– Owner-Builder and Project Manager in Remodeling Projects
– Land purchases
– Obtaining entitlements
– Quarter-backing hundreds of transactions including single family homes, equity-share arrangements,
– Joint-Ventures, Partnerships, Corporations and Limited Family Partnerships;
– Documenting and managing dozens of multi-million-dollar construction projects